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Android Phone Curriculum

An Android™ phone, is a mobile telephone that uses the Google-developed Android™ operating system. This operating system has become a popular option in recent years for so-called “smart phones,” because developers and manufacturers may freely customize it to their specific needs. This customization means that different Android™ phones can have widely varying user interfaces. Most smart phones — including those using competing operating systems — offer similar overall capabilities, however, including Internet browsing, personal information management, video streaming, and access to a large repository of freeware and pay ware applications, requires careful attention to detail and considerable education.

All American Solutions will show you how to become a pro when it comes to using the many features and capabilities of a smart phone.

View the full Android Phone classes and course outline below.

The Phone

  • Home button
  • Back to beginning button
  • Volume up/down buttons
  • Back and menu buttons
  • Adjusting for better visibility
  • Privacy on your phone

The screen

  • Screen pieces
  • Lock Screen
  • Screen savers
  • Passwords
  • Home screens
  • Orientation, up and down or sideways

The keyboard

  • Typing, auto fill
  • Switching keyboards
  • Swipe entry
  • Special characters
  • Voice control
  • Google Speak


  • Pinch in
  • Pinch out
  • Slide
  • Tap
  • Double tap
  • Tap and hold
  • Tap and slide

Using the phone

  • Setting alarms
  • Launching the application
  • Dialing
  • Starting the call – ending the call
  • Getting home
  • Contacts
  • Navigating contacts
  • Search/quick link
  • Adding contacts
  • Creating new contacts
  • Your Photo
  • Multiple phone numbers
  • Adding emails
  • Customizing ring tones – for different callers
  • Changing text tone
  • Text buzz
  • Dialing using the call log
  • Messaging using the call or message log
  • Monitoring voice and data usage from you carrier


  • Launching the application
  • What you see – creating a message
  • The pop up keyboard
  • Making sure to use the area code
  • The pop up keyboard
  • Changing the view.
  • Dictation
  • Menu options
  • With a message
  • With a conversation
  • With the application
  • Creating a contact
  • Adding to a contact
  • Settings for messages
  • Appearance

Phone part 2

  • Icons on the screen
  • Application stores (Google, Amazon Play and others)
  • Using applications, (apps)
  • Popular apps for productivity
  • Location specific apps
  • Weather apps (raindar)
  • Closing apps for battery conservation
  • Favorites – speed dial
  • Recents
  • All/missed
  • In out
  • Returning calls
  • Contacts
  • Voicemail
  • Using the speaker phone
  • Using the keypad while on the phone
  • Mute
  • Looking up a contact
  • Getting back to the screen
  • Conferencing additional people into your existing call
  • Voicemail
  • Answer calls with a text
  • Muting
  • Adding contacts from Phone calls
  • Blocking a number

Photo world

  • Taking the photo
  • What’s a pixel
  • Understanding pixels and how phone makers market
  • Focus
  • Zoom
  • Securing focus and Exposure
  • Settings
  • Modes
  • Editing the photo
  • Using multiple albums
  • Sharing photos


  • Finding the music you want
  • Using Pandora
  • Using Spotify
  • Pay for songs/albums or use a monthly service?
  • Personalizing your music by making playlists
  • Listening to your music ear buds or headphones?


  • Adding accounts
  • Reading email
  • Sending email
  • Receiving email
  • Email etiquette
  • Creating email
  • Managing email
  • Understanding VIPs
  • Drafts
  • Configuring Email settings


  • Viewing a map
  • Searching around you
  • Getting directions
  • Turn by turn voice directions from navigation apps
  • Map Settings


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